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It is very important that Royal Mail Freepost Envelopes are printed correctly to avoid a Royal Mail postage surcharge. Classic Publishing are experts in Freepost envelope printing with over 40 years experience. All Freepost Envelope designs should always be proofed to Royal Mail before printing. Classic Publishing submit the proof to Royal Mail on your behalf, free of charge.

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How do Freepost Envelopes work?

Royal Mail Freepost is a brilliant service that allows you to send a postage pre-paid envelope to your customer or enquirer. The postage is not charged to you until the envelope is actually used. The postage isn't actually 'free' of course. It is only free to the user of the envelope, not to you. Unused envelope or ones that get thrown away do not incur any postagage charge.

The Freepost system is very easy to use. You register with Royal Mail and pay an annual charge, plus a deposit towards the postage. Each time an envelope is posted back to you, Royal Mail deduct the postage actually used from your deposit. As the deposit gradually dwindles, Royal Mail will request a 'top up' from you. This means that you will never pay the postage on unused envelopes or on the envelopes that you have in stock.

How do I start using Freepost envelopes?

If you haven't already go a Royal Mail Business Response licence, you can apply for one using this link to the Royal Mail Application Form. You will have to scroll down the page to reach the application form.

You can telephone Royal Mail for help or advice on 03457 950 950 Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm or you can use the Royal Mail contact form to get in touch for help or advice.

What is the difference between Freepost STANDARD and Freepost PLUS?

Royal Mail have two services available for Freepost envelope users. The licence fee is the same for both, but the big difference is the price that you will be charged for the postage. The PLUS service postage is usually around 7p less per envelope, which can add up during the year. The downside, which may not apply to you, is that you can only use the PLUS service with Freepost envelopes up to C5 size (C5 envelopes take A4 folded once). If you need to use C4 envelopes (C4 envelopes take A4 unfolded) then you will have to go for the Royal Mail Freepost STANDARD service. Both Freepost Standard and Freepost Plus envelopes may be printed as 1st class or 2nd class with the same licence. The printing price is exactly the same, but with first class envelopes, you pay more for the postage when the envelope is used.

Who prints the Royal Mail Freepost envelopes?

That is the easy bit. We do. We have been printing Royal Mail Freepost envelopes for over 40 years and have vast experience. This means that we create the artwork and barcode for the envelope FREE OF CHARGE and once you have passed our proof yourself, we submit the mandatory proof to Royal Mail on your behalf. All we need from you is your licence number (three groups of four letters, such as AAAA-BBBB-CCCC), whether you want the Plus or Standard service and we will do the rest. There is NO CHARGE for setting up the artwork and barcode to strict Royal Mail specifications. We don't even ask for any payment up front. You only pay when you are 100% satisfied with the proof.

We have thousands of very satisfied customers who regularly re-order their envelopes from us. We hold your envelope artwork on file for at least ten years, so re-ordering is simple. If nothing has changed, there is no need for us to re-submit the proof to Royal Mail so re-ordering is quick and simple.

How long does it take to get my Freepost envelopes printed?

Once we have your licence number, the correct address for the envelope and the size and quantity that you require, we swing into action. Our studio will set up the envelope artwork and barcode, to the strict Royal Mail specifications. We will then send you a PDF proof and our pro-forma invoice within a day or so. Once you pass the proof, we will then submit the mandatory proof to Royal Mail on your behalf. Royal Mail usually take 3-4 business days to pass the proof. Once the proof is passed by them, we start the printing process and deliver the printed envelopes to your chosen delivery address (home or office - whichever suits you) within 5-7 working days.

Can I use my choice of address?

Sorry - No. Royal Mail insist that you use the address that is printed on your licence. This is the same address that is listed in PAF (The Royal Mail Address File). Royal Mail have a free address finder, based on the Postal Address File. Simply enter part of your address or your postcode to see what address Royal Mail have on file for you.

Royal Mail Freepost envelope printersLetting the experts create the artwork and submit the mandatory proof to Royal Mail means that you have one less thing to worry about. No money up front either!