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Artwork Templates

If you wish to supply your own artwork to us for printing, it is important that a few simple rules are followed. We have some layout templates to give you a guide about bleed etc:

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General Artwork Templates

Greeting Card Templates

Please supply finished artwork as a PDF

The only artwork format that is suitable for you to supply your artwork to us is as a press-ready PDF. This should be created as "Press quality" (sometimes called PrePress) and must have all fonts embedded. The bleed details in each templates should be followed carefully. If no bleed is supplied, our only options are to either enlarge slightly to create the bleed or reduce your artwork to leave a 5mm white border.

If in any doubt, please ask for advice first on by contacting us or let us create the artwork for you.

CMYK and RGB - does it matter?

Professional designers always work in CMYK because the colours they see on the screen will be much more like the final printed result. All methods of colour printing, litho or digital, are printed CMYK. RGB is used by cameras, projectors and computer monitors. It is not possible to print RGB without it being converted to CMYK first. We will do this conversion for you before proofing and printing, so feel free to supply RBG artwork or RGB images if you wish. Some colours change more than others when converted to CMYK (greens, oranges and blues particularly). This is unavoidable due to the disappointingly smaller colour gamut of CMYK. Sadly it is impossible to print true RGB colours (they are just the values of the light that make up the colours). Read more information on RGB versus CMYK.