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Printed Bookmarks - Jumbo Size 74mm x 210mm

Top Quality Printed Jumbo Bookmarks - Ideal for Weddings, Christenings, Authors, Book Shops and Book Publishers

Beautifully printed full colour jumbo bookmarks. Promote your event, bookshop or your new book title with these inexpensive Printed Bookmarks. Celebrate your wedding day with a wonderful keepsake. Free nationwide Delivery. Also a lovely fun keepsake for Weddings, Christenings, Funerals, Parties and any almost occasion. An inexpensive way of getting publicity or promoting any service or product. Give these printed bookmarks away to bookshops or libraries and get your name out there!

Printed Bookmarks for Bookshops, Book Publishers, Authors, Self-Publishers. Promote your book or product easily with printed bookmarks

Printed Bookmarks on heavy-weight 350gsm satin finish board - Jumbo size 74mm x 210mm

Printed full colour one or two sides - FREE Nationwide Delivery

Printed bookmarks are the perfect way to promote new book titles, bookshops and launches. They are also ideal as a give-away at weddings, Christening, Parties and even Funerals. Classic Publishing Jumbo Bookmarks give you plenty of room to promote your product or event. Perfect for wedding as they can be slipped into hymn books to take home as a memento of the day

Classic Publishing Jumbo Printed Bookmarks are beautifully printed in full colour on 350gsm white board. Ideal for bookshops, libraries and for wedding and parties.

No risk! FREE artwork, layout and email proof. Just send us order and we will email a final proof to you - before we go to print. We want you to be delighted and we will make sure that you are. We want you to become one of our thousands of regular customers.

Super Smooth SATIN Finish Printed Jumbo Bookmarks - 74mm x 210mm - FREE Mainland delivery. Prices are plus VAT

Printed full colour, single or double sided, on a 300gsm smooth white board. FREE artwork and layout.

Sides 100 250 500 1000 2000
Single £29 £33 £39 £47 £69
Double £34 £41 £46 £58 £79

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Artwork* Classic Publishing create the finished artwork for you FREE of charge. Alternatively, if you have the skills and suitable software, you can supply your own finished artwork. Please see below.

Printed Bookmark Artwork

The Classic Publishing Company Studio are happy to produce the artwork for you, from your supplied images and wording, to your rough layout, at NO COST. You can if you wish supply your own finished artwork if you have the skills and suitable software. See below for an artwork guide.

Promotional Bookmarks - Christening bookmarks - Wedding Bookmarks - Funeral Bookmarks - Author's Bookmarks

Sell your artistic or photographic images at a profit, raise funds for your church, school or society or give away these attractive printed bookmarks as a promotional marketing tool. Printed bookmarks very rarely get thrown away, so your details will be in front of your customer for a long time. If you are giving them away as a marketing tool, try offering a pile to your local libraries and bookshops.

Printed bookmarks - An inexpensive way of keeping your message out there.

Despite the rise in popularity of the Amazon Kindle® and the Apple iPad®, bookshops and libraries are thriving and many people still love to read a paperback or hardback book. Amazingly, fiction sells well and non-fiction books such as cookery books are still massive sellers. Most people hate the thought of turning a corner over on a much-loved book (this is actually what 'dog-eared' means) so everyone who reads loves a printed bookmark. Printed bookmarks are an inexpensive way of keeping the name of a YOUR product or service in front of the reader as they will see it every day. Bookmarks tend to be kept for quite a very long time - often for years.

"Hi Sheila and Kelly
The bookmarks have just arrived, and they look beautiful. And just in time too - you may have guessed that they are for a book that i have written and it is being published/launched tomorrow - hence the urgency! Your service was wonderful - personable, efficient, calm and of course with a great product at the end too, so many thanks for getting me what i needed just in time. Many thanks - and your company is noted for future possible orders!
warmest regards" Shelina
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Printed Bookmarks Despatch

We email a proof to you within a couple of days of receiving your order. Once you are happy with the proof we will then print and despatch to you within 5-7 working days - often faster.

Many uses for Classic Publishing Jumbo Printed Bookmarks

Although most of the many orders we receive are used to promote books, bookshops and authors, there are many other uses for printed bookmarks. Use them for delightful mementos if a wedding, where they can be slipped in to hymn books or left on seats at the wedding venu or in the church. These beautfully printed bookmarks will be always be treasured as a wonderful memory of the day. The same applies to Christenings where we can incorporate a picture of mum and dad as well as baby,. We have even produce bookmarks for funerals where they are used to celebrate the life of the person who has died. A delightful memorable keepsake for everyone who attends the funeral, to keep with the order of service.

Printed Bookmark Artwork Template

Creating artwork for a printed bookmark is simple. Just follow this guide to creating the artwork. See making a PDF from Adobe InDesign®

Printed bookmarks layout template