Printed raffle tickets at keen prices, with fast service and free mainland delivery. Raffle tickets raise funds for your school or club with minimal outlay.

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Printed Raffle Tickets

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Printed Raffle tickets raise money for your school, club or event!

Raise money for your School, Club, Charity or Event by selling printed raffle tickets

Printed raffle tickets, sometimes called printed draw tickets, are the number one way of fund raising for schools, club fund raising and charity fund raising, Classic Publishing print small or large quantites of inexpensive printed raffle tickets that are perfect for raising funds| Read what customers have said about us |

Printed raffle tickets are a perfect way to raise funds for your school, charity, club or event. They are easy to sell and the profits from raffle tickets are huge


Raffle Ticket Testimonial

"Please could you say a big thank you to the people that processed our order. We have just received the raffle tickets earlier than expected, which is a big help!!! We now have more time to sell them, really appreciated it. Thank you, Kind Regards" - Sally
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Classic Printed Raffle Ticket BONUS POINTS
There are THREE main reasons to order your raffle tickets from Classic Publishing

Raffle Tickets Bonus Point 1

Our raffle tickets have the stub perforated where the books are fixed together, as well as where the ticket joins the stub. This removes the need to separate the stapled stubs individually before the draw. This saves a HUGE amount of time when you are preparing the draw as you do not need to remove the staples. Kinder on the fingers as well!

Raffle Tickets Bonus Point 2

There is NO extra charge for typesetting and layout on our printed raffle tickets. We also print in (our choice of) coloured ink and add suitable clip art where appropriate, to make the tickets as attractive as possible.

Raffle Tickets Bonus Point 3

Our prices are keen, really keen. As well as offering a friendly, helpful and highly reliable service, we offer some of the keenest prices around so that you can make more money from your raffle. Most people get the prizes donated if they can. This make almost all your sales proceeds available for your School or Club funds.

Prices for Printed Raffle Tickets numbered and stapled in books of 5, 10 or 20 tickets.

Prices are plus VAT but Mainland delivery is FREE.

2000 3000 4000 5000 6000 7000 8000
£53.00 £63.00 £69.00 £78.00 £85.00 £93.00 £102.00
9000 10000 11000 12000 13000 14000 15000
£113.00 £123.00 £132.00 £139.00 £149.00 £158.00 £167.00
16000 17000 18000 19000 20000 25000 30000
£174.00 £182.00 £189.00 £196.00 £204.00 £239.00 £289.00

ORDER RAFFLE TICKETS NOW Printed Raffle Tickets are the perfect way to raise funds for your organisation. They are easy to sell and are almost guaranteed to make a very large financial contribution from your low initial investment.

2000 is the minimum quantity which is just 40 books of tickets. Raffle ticket quantities over 30,000 are also available. Please contact us for a price.

We can usually incorporate your logo if required (as single colour).

Printed raffle tickets are the ideal form of fund raising for Schools, PTA, Clubs, Organisations and Registered Charities. They are a very inexpensive way of raising funds - you can raise thousands of pounds! Try to get your prizes donated, especially if you are a charity or school PTA.

Full Colour Raffle Tickets

Full colour raffle tickets are also available if required. Naturally, these cost more. Please contact us for a price.

All orders are delivered free in the UK and compared to other forms of fund-raising raffle tickets and are guaranteed to raise funds if you offer some attractive prizes and sell books of printed tickets to as many people as possible. Try to get some or all of your your prizes donated. Local businesses will often respond with a prize, in return for a mention of their name on the printed raffle tickets.

"Many Thanks, the tickets arrived at the school today and they are fantastic! I'm so glad I found your website when surfing for raffle tickets! Many Thanks
& Regards" Karen - More comments from satisfied customers

Our standard raffle tickets are printed one side, size 135mm x 70mm, with a 60mm x 70mm stub and two perforations, fixed together in books of 5.

Please note that all prices include typesetting, layout, standard single sided printing on our standard 7-10 working day service and FREE delivery to one UK mainland address.
VAT is extra and must be paid on all raffle ticket orders - even by registered charities (HM Customs regulation - no, we don't think it's fair either - complain to your MP).

"Just to confirm that the tickets were delivered yesterday - they look super and we've already sold quite a few. Thanks very much for a professional job and for making the process very easy for us". Jill - More comments from satisfied customers

Printed Raffle Ticket Information

Prices plus VAT - FREE layout and typesetting - FREE UK Mainland Delivery - Stapled in books of 5, 10 or 20 tickets ready to sell See some examples

Local Authority Registration

If you only plan to offer printed raffle tickets or printed draw tickets to members of a club, then no registration is required. If however, you are selling raffle tickets to the general public, you will need to register with your local authority under the Gambling Act 2005 before you start. Currently, registration costs £40 and is valid for three years. Application forms are available from your local authority offices or your local Civic Centre - see your local authority website.

If you intend to put on sale lottery tickets, the value of which will exceed £20,000, you should contact the Gaming Board to apply for lottery registration. Tel. No. 0207 306 6269.

IMPORTANT - When you order your raffle tickets, we need to know the following:

  • The quantity of raffle tickets that you require (i.e 5000 tickets - 1000 books of 5 tickets).
  • The name of your organisation.
  • Your registered charity number (if applicable).
  • The title (name) of the draw i.e. Spring Raffle, Christmas Draw etc.
  • Details of the Prizes that you are offering, i.e. First Prize, Second Prize and Third Prize. There is not room on the ticket for more than three prizes to be listed.
  • The date of the draw, and where it will be drawn.
  • The promoter's name and address (a legal requirement).
  • The name of the Local Authority with which the organisation is registered under the Lotteries and Amusements Act 1976 (Unless the draw is a private lottery or members only draw where tickets will NOT be sold to the general public).
  • The date by which all cash, counterfoils and unsold tickets are to be returned to the promoter.
  • The price per ticket (maximum of £2 per ticket, by law).
  • Any special instructions.
  • The date that you require the tickets delivered to you by.
  • The name and address where the tickets are to be delivered to

Please order in good time

We also need to know whether a proof is required (£8.00 extra plus VAT) and if you want the standard service (7-10 working days after the proof is passed by you) or the express service (5-6 working days after the proof is passed by you). If you do not request a proof, the production times start from the next working day after we receive your order.

It is a legal requirement that the Promoter's name and address are also printed on the raffle tickets. We layout the wording for you to legal specification. However, if you wish to supply your own finished artwork and you are confident that you understand the legal requirements, here is an artwork template


Please order online as all the details we require are listed on the simple online order form. The minimum quantity we produce is 2000 tickets (400 books of 5 tickets). Ink colours vary - there is no choice of ink colour for each specific order as we regularly rotate the ink colours used. Paper colour is standard white. Coloured paper available at small extra cost - please send us a message if you require a quote for this or any other variation.

Free Standard Delivery

Standard delivery is FREE and usually takes around 7 - 10 working days. National holidays and Bank holidays sometimes cause delays.

Express Service 5

We can push your order in front and despatch in around 5 working days for urgent orders if required. This costs an extra £32.00 (plus VAT)


To keep prices down, we do not automatically supply a proof. Proofs are available if required at an extra cost of £8.00 (plus VAT - total of £9.60)


Stapling other than in books of 5, 10 or 20 tickets per book is available. If you require books of 4,6,8 or 10 tickets this costs an extra £12.50 plus VAT. extra.


We must have full payment once order is confirmed please. You will get a receipted VAT invoice after paying. Please note that HM Revenue & Customs insist that even registered charities must also pay the full VAT. We also think that this is unfair and recommend that you complain to your MP.


Please note that our prices are already as low as possible and we are sorry that we are unable to offer any discounts or reductions for charities and good causes. Raffle tickets are an excellent and highly cost-effective way of raising funds and the actual cost of the tickets is minimal compared with the amount of money that can be raised. For instance - sell 5000 tickets at 50p each = £2500. Cost of tickets = £78 plus VAT. If the raffle prizes are donated that is a "profit" of over £2400.

"The tickets arrived this morning and they're perfect. A great service that we'll definitely use again. Many thanks." Nick P. - More comments from satisfied customers

Supplying your own artwork

If you wish to supply your own finished artwork for printing, please follow the exact dimensions on the PDF Raffle Ticket template. All artwork must be created BLACK ONLY as the ink colour is added at the printing stage. Any graphics added should be either line work or a minimum of 300dpi. Please remember that the promotor's name and address must be on the ticket (not the stub). It is also a legal requirement that the name of the printer is on the ticket to avoid fraud. Please supply the finished artwork as a black only Press Ready PDF, with all fonts embedded. Download a PDF Raffle Ticket template.