Short run greeting cards printed quickly. High quality short run greeting cards printed from your image(s). Free layout and free greeting card proofs.

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Short Run Greeting Cards PrintedShort Run Greeting Cards Printed, with free printed greeting card proof and free delivery

Short Runs a Speciality

No Risk! Now you can test short runs of printed greeting cards to see which images sell best

Centreprint print short run greeting cards printed quickly from your image(s). FREE layout - FREE hard-copy proofs - FREE UK Mainland Delivery. Small runs of printed greeting cards are ideal for testing the market and seeing which of your images sell best.

No risk! We post a hard-copy greeting card proof to you before we print to make sure that you are 100% happy. Only you know what your image should really look like so we carefully produce an actual printed greeting card and post it to you by First Class Post BEFORE we print your cards.

Ordering short run printed greeting cards is easy!

All you need to supply to us is your image. We will reduce it to fit your chosen greeting card size , then we add your wording and your logo (if you have one) to the back of the greeting card. We can even add a thumbnail image of the front of the card to the back if you wish. All this at NO CHARGE! We know how to make greeting cards look attractive and our expert studio staff will make sure that you are pleased before we go to print.

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Super Smooth SATIN or GLOSS Finish Short Run Printed Greeting Cards - FREE Mainland delivery.

Printed full colour, single or double sided, on a 350gsm responsibly sourced smooth white board.

FREE Layout - FREE Proofs - FREE envelopes - FREE Delivery

Printed on Woodland Trust Carbon Captured Board

Responsively sourced wood pulp is actually better for the environment than recycled paper which has huge downsides. All paper and board used by Centreprint is sourced from responsibly managed woodlands where at least two trees are planted for every one that is felled. In addition to this, every time that Centreprint buys their bulk paper and board stocks from their supplier, we also make a voluntary payment to The Woodland Trust who plant UK woodlands for leisure and wildlife use. None of these forests will EVER be used for paper or board production. This means that these delightful UK broad-leaved woodlands, planted with our native species such as beech, oak and ash, will be there for many hundreds of years, for our grandchildren and great-grandchildren to enjoy. Trees are the lungs of the planet!

Printed Greeting Cards Despatch

Once we receive your order and greeting card image(s), we'll post a printed proof to you quickly so that you can check it. If you are in a tearing hurry we can email the proof to you, but we would prefer you to see an actual hard copy proof to make sure that you are 100% happy with the colours etc. Naturally, we cannot see your original and your monitor may be set totally differently to our standard ink weights. Once you are happy with the proof we will then print, trim, crease and carefully pack your printed greeting cards, together with the same quantity of FREE high quality heavy weight diamond flap greeting card envelopes. These will be despatched to you within 3/4 working days - often faster.